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Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness Committee


Bob Brostoff
Committee Co-Chair

Steve Kallen
Committee Co-Chair

Committee Members:
Simone Best
Ivan Blume
Dan Brin
Anthony Brosamle
Bob Brostoff
Steve Kallen 
Steve Randall
Brad Vanderhoof
Marilyn Williams (Community Stakeholder)

Mission Statement:

"The mission of this Committee is to interface with the Los Angeles Police Department, the Los Angeles Fire Department, hospitals and other agencies on matters relating to the safety of the Stakeholders."

News & Initiatives:

Neighborhood Watch Sign Application Program:

As part of its ongoing efforts to assist community efforts to combat crime, the West Hills Neighborhood Council's Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness Committee has a limited number of free Neighborhood Watch signs for installation on blocks throughout the West Hills community. For more information and to apply to receive free neighborhood watch signs, CLICK HERE

Build an Emergency Kit:

Los Angeles' 5 Steps to Preparedness Plan:

Los Angeles is home to over 4 million residents. There are just under 10,000 police officers and nearly 4,000 firefighters. In the event of a large, catastrophic disaster, it could take up to 72 hours to a week before first responders can provide assistance. When you do the math, chances are you will be your first responder. That's why it's important to have a neighborhood preparedness/disaster plan for your block. The Los Angeles Emergency Management Department's 5 Steps to Preparedness Plan is a great and easy way to ensure that your friends, family, and neighbors are safe and able to survive in a major disaster.

Your West Hills Neighborhood Council has been working with neighbors and with block groups throughout our community, by building block plans so that we can ensure our community is safe for the next major disaster. Once the plan is complete, we provide block groups with a disaster kit that can aide neighbors to respond to incidents on their block during an emergency.


For more information about the program, CLICK HERE.

Don't forget to contact our Committee Co-Chair Bob.Brostoff@westhillsnc.org and
Anthony.Brosamle@westhillsnc.org  about starting your block preparedness plan.


For All City Service Requests, please call 311 ( or Dial (213) 473-3231) or CLICK HERE
For LAPD Non-Emergency requests, please call
1-877-ASK-LAPD (or Dial (877) 275-5273)
For a list of important City of Los Angeles emergency numbers, CLICK HERE

  1. To see a map and find contact info of your LAPD Senior Lead Officer (SLO), CLICK HERE

  2. For information about the Los Angeles Fire Department Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program and to signup for a class, CLICK HERE

  3. To signup to recieve emergency alerts in the City of Los Angeles, CLICK HERE

  4. To signup for LAPD e-policing, CLICK HERE

  5. For more information on how to pickup free sandbags , CLICK HERE

  6. To see a map and locations of recent crimes, CLICK HERE

  7. For more information about the LAPD Neighborhood Watch Program, CLICK HERE

  8. For information about the 5 Steps to Neighborhood Prepardness Plan, CLICK HERE

  9. LAPD Topanga Division

  10. LAPD Valley Traffic Division

  11. Los Angeles Fire Department

  12. Los Angeles Emergency Management Department

Meetings (Agendas, Minutes, Documents)

Meeting Agenda
Feb 21, 2018
Meeting Agenda
Jan 17, 2018
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