West Hills NC

Operations Committee

Dan Brin
Committee Co-Chair

Charlene Rothstein
Committee Co-Chair

Current members:
  • Aida Abkarians
  • Faye Barta
  • Sandi Bell
  • Thomas Booth
  • Dan Brin
  • Anthony Brosamle
  • Bob Brostoff
  • Margery Brown
  • Carolyn Greenwood
  • Bonnie Klea
  • Saifuddin Mogri
  • Olivia Naturman
  • Steve Randall
  • Bill Rose
  • Charlene Rothstein
  • Anthony Scearce
  • Myrl Schreibman
  • Ron Sobel
  • Bobbi Trantafello
  • Joan Trent
  • Alec Uzemeck
  • Brad Vanderhoof
  • Zachary Volet
  • Joanne Yvanek-Garb

Meetings (Agendas, Minutes, Documents)

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