West Hills NC

Public Health Committee

Sandi Bell,
Committee Chair

Current members:
  • Sandi Bell
  • Stephen Bell (Community Stakeholder)
  • Aida Abkarians
  • Kim Koerber (Community Stakeholder)
  • Jan MacQuoid (Community Stakeholder)
  • Henlie Sakamoto (Community Stakeholder)
  • Joan Trent

Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Public Health Committee is to make recommendations to the Board for protecting and promoting the health of stakeholders.

To view the Committee Operatng Rules -- CLICK HERE

 A Safer Return Together At Work and In The Community: Beyond the Blueprint for a Safer Economy – Encouraging COVID-19 Vaccination Coverage with Limited Risk Reduction Measures. June 14, 2021 -- CLICK HERE

Public Health Alerts:

Latest COVID
Available vaccines for COVID-19  are mRNA vaccines manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna and a new booster shot called Novavax which like the others  targets a SARS-C0V- 2 variant. Any of the three will help protect you.
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidance for COVID-19 infection remains the same. Anyone who tests positive should isolate themselves from others for at least 5 full days and/or until a negative test result is achieved. If this is not an option, the CDC suggests wearing a high quality mask such as an N95 or KN95 when around others. Because studies show many people are contagious for at least 5 days, a mask is recommended for an additional 5 days especially when indoors. According to the CDC, negative test results 48 hours apart from each other negate the need to continue wearing a mask.
Studies show COVID testing correlates closely with contagiousness. False negative test results can occur especially if testing 4 days after symptom onset. Therefore it is important to wear a mask and continue testing if you know you have been exposed to COVID-19 and/or display its symptoms. COVID testing is available at drug stores and/or by a healthcare provider. Free testing kits can also be obtained via mail (be aware that the expiration date on many of these tests has been extended). More information about COVID-19 protocol testing, protocol, and updates can be obtained from the CDC and FDA websites, linked here:
Unlike the flu, we remain far more contagious for longer with COVID. Thus, we encourage all eligible persons to be on top of their vaccination status to protect themselves and their community.

County Department of Public Health (833)540-0473 has program to prescribe antiviral medication to those without health insurance or a primary provider. Caller will be assigned after screening by public health nurse to a physician. If symptoms have been present less than 5 days can prescribe either Paxlovid or Molnupiraviv if caller is taking a statin. For those who are unable arrange to pick up the drug from a pharmacy, the prescription will be sent to you via FedEx. There are no fees for these services.

http://westhillsnc.org/user_docs/pavlovid (1).docx
For the latest updates from the LA County Department of Public Health, CLICK HERE
For the latest updates from the California Department of Public Health, CLICK HERE
For the latest updates from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), CLICK HERE
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For archival Public Health Information, CLICK HERE
HMC HealthWorks, American Heart Association, How to  protect yourself. CLICK HERE
Seniors Need a Different Flu Shot. CLICK HERE  


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