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Neighborhood Purpose Grants

(NPGs) is a program that the City of Los Angeles established as a means to allow public schools and 501 C(3)’s (not-for-profit corporations) in a community apply directly to their Neighborhood Councils to fund projects of benefit to the community.

To apply for an NPG a public school or non-religiously affiliated nonprofit entity needs first to have a specific program that requires funding, and needs to do a bit of paperwork.

Following is a list of documents that, in order to apply for an NPG, you need to file, along with links to those documents and detailed instructions on how to go about this.

Application Process:

  • NPG Application
    1. the Application Packet of detailed instructions and
    2. the Application itself in a format that you can fill in online

  • Information and Instructions

  • a W-9 Form for business tax certification

  • a projected Budget for the project (appended to the application above)

  • and a letter of intent in the form of either
    1. an IRS Determination Letter for a 501 C(3) - here’s the IRS help site - or
    2. a letter written on offical school letterhead from the public school

Either email all of this to [email protected] or [email protected], or mail it overland to the West Hills Neighborhood Council at:

West Hills Neighborhood Council
Neighborhood Purpose Grants
PO Box 4670
West Hills CA 91308-4670

[email protected]

We look forward to being your partner in making West Hills an even better community.

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