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Posted on 02/18/16

West Hills Neighborhood Council

Help us get a Community/Senior Center in West Hills! The West Hills Neighborhood Council’s Community & Senior Center Ad-hoc Committee has been working to establish a Center in West Hills to improve the quality of life for the residents of the west San Fernando Valley by providing cultural, community and senior activities and services.

Our vision includes an approximately 10,000-sq. ft. building with a large assembly room/auditorium, a kitchen, offices and meeting rooms. The center’s programs will include cultural events, services for seniors and the disabled, lectures, classes, health screenings, tutoring programs and other multi-generational activities, and emergency services when needed.  

The center also will be venue for town hall meetings and other forums, empowering the people of West Hills and surrounding communities with new opportunities to take part in making decisions and working together for the benefit of their community. The potential benefits to West Hills’ stakeholders are endless!

To see unofficial renderings of the Center and meeting mintues of the Communty/Senior Center Ad-hoc Committee, CLICK HERE

To Sign our petition, CLICK HERE

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