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Canoga Park NC backs West Hills on ZIP Code reform

Posted on 07/02/16

West Hills Neighborhood Council President Dan Brin reports that the Canoga Park Neighborhood Council voted unanimously to support the WHNC’s plan to fix the mislabeling of mail to West Hills by the United States Postal Service.

“This is a wonderful sign that both communities are willing to work together for the benefit of all,” Brin said following the vote in Canoga Park.

“Special thanks go to Corinne Ho, president, and all of the other CPNC board members for approaching this matter with open minds and hearts,” he said.

The Canoga Park Neighborhood Council approved sending the following letter to Congressman Brad Sherman:

“At its regular meeting on June 22, 2016, the Canoga Park Neighborhood Council voted unanimously to support a request by the West Hills Neighborhood Council to update the computer systems of the United States Postal Service. The proposal is intended to reduce confusion concerning local boundaries that do not conform with existing ZIP code areas.

“Rather than change existing postal zones, the plan would promote accurate labeling of communities by assigning current or adjusted “ZIP+4” carrier routes to their appropriate neighborhoods, cities and unincorporated areas. The USPS computer system would refer to these carrier routes when compiling mailing lists for government agencies, businesses and other organizations, as well as individuals.

“The CPNC’s support of this proposal is not intended to imply any support for compromising our Neighborhood Council’s jurisdictional integrity. It is intended to reduce confusion among stakeholders over which governmental agencies are able to assist them with their concerns.”

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