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WHNC Environment Committee and the SSFL cleanup

Posted on 07/02/16

Alec Uzemeck, co-chair of the WHNC’s Environment Committee, reports that the committee is concerned about possible effects of the Santa Susanna Field Lab cleanup on surrounding communities, including West Hills. 
Uzemeck, who also chairs the SSFL Community Advisory Group (SSFL CAG), said the concerns arise from transporting contaminated dirt from the SSFL grounds through local streets and dust that might be kicked up by excavations at the site.
The SSFL CAG was formed in 2013 under the California Health Act to provide analyses, comments and recommendations about the cleanup to the state and to share information with Neighborhood Councils relating to the wellbeing of local residents.
The public is welcome to attend the Environment Committee’s meetings on the second Wednesday of the month in West Hills Hospital’s first-floor conference room, 7300 Medical Center Dr. in West Hills.
For information about the committee, click here. To see a video explaining the committee’s concerns, please click the video below for more information. If you have questions about the WHNC Environment Committee or the SSFL cleanup, contact Alec Uzemeck or co-chair Steve Randall

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