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WHNC salutes West Hills educators and support staff

Posted on 07/02/16

West Hills Neighborhood Council

At its meetings on May 5 and June 2, the West Hills Neighborhood Council honored exemplary teachers and staff members at West Hills’ elementary schools. The honorees were selected by their peers in a process organized and coordinated by the WHNC’s Youth and Education Committee.
This year’s inaugural honorees include Hamlin Street Academy’s Stacey Zavala and Cecilia Castillo, Justice Street Academy’s Laura Monterastelli, Nevada Street Elementary School’s Laurie Anderson and Collen Ruane, and Pomelo Community Charter School’s Risden Parks, Rosa Arroyo, Henlie Sakamoto, Karryn Grossman and Judy Saute.
“The mission of the Education Committee is simple,” committee co-chair Ed Young said. “We dedicate our time and energy to support local schools in their pursuit of excellence in education and in helping our students become good citizens.”
“At our monthly meetings we invite leaders in education to speak about helping our schools explore innovative teaching methods,” co-chair Aida Abkarians said.
Recently retired co-chair Jacqueline Young added: “Annually, we award Neighborhood Purpose Grants to be used by qualified schools for different needs, such as purchasing special books or equipment for school yards and science labs.”
At the WHNC meetings on May 5 and June 2, Ron Rubine, district director for City Councilmember Mitchell Englander, presented additional certificates for the educators from Council District 12 and coupons for dinners at the Casa de Soria Mexican restaurant.
The Education Committee meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month, September through June, at 3 p.m. at Pomelo Community Charter School, 7633 March Ave. in West Hills. The meetings are always open to public and the committee welcomes input from stakeholders in the community.

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