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West Hills now can refer homeless people to county services

Posted on 08/09/16

West Hills Neighborhood Council

The Homelessness Subcommittee of the West Hills Neighborhood Council has received permission to use the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health’s Homeless Mobile Triage Referral Form.

The form allows community members, business owners, stakeholders, schools, WHNC board members and social service organizations to notify the county’s mobile outreach team about homeless people in our neighborhoods so the team can begin the engagement process and move homeless folks into support services and, ultimately, safe and supportive housing.

How to use the form: Safety first, always! If someone is acting in an erratic or threatening manner, do not approach. Call law enforcement. 
If the homeless individual is approachable, gather as much information as possible, especially his or her full name and date of birth, if possible, then call or fax information to the numbers listed at the bottom of the form. 

A mobile triage team will contact the individual within one to five business days. The team will attempt to link the client with an array of social services if the person is responsive. The responders can initiate a psychiatric hold if necessary.  

Thanks to Homelessness Subcommittee co-chair Tom Booth for making this happen.  

Click here to find out more about the subcommittee.

Download Homeless Mobile Triage Referral Form.pdf

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