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WHNC salutes outstanding volunteers

Posted on 09/07/16

West Hills Neighborhood Council

At the Sept. 1  meeting of the West Hills Neighborhood Council, the WHNC honored two outstanding volunteers in the community.

First, President Dan Brin presented Nicole Flessati with a Certificate of Appreciation for her service as the WHNC's secretary, chair of various committees and board member. Nicole recently resigned from the board because of the huge demands of her new job.

Minutes before the presentation, the WHNC board elected — by acclamation — Carolyn Greenwood as its new secretary. Carolyn previously served in this capacity and we're so lucky to have her back!

A little later, Beautification Committee Co-Chair Reeyan Raynes presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Dennis Sherman of the Warner Center Kiwanis Club. He has been instrumental in arranging for local high school Key Clubbers to participate in the committee's  successful Community Cleanups every month. "Dennis is a regular volunteer at our cleanups," Brin said. "He's a humble, sincere and dedicated gentleman, and we're so proud to have him."

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