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Chicken thefts end with a happy reunion at Haynes Elementary

Posted on 12/10/16

West Hills Neighborhood Council

Lia and Joey are home, safe and sound in their chicken coop. And the kindergarten kids at Haynes Charter Elementary in West Hills are greatly relieved.

On Halloween night, someone hopped the school’s fence, cut open the coop and made off with Joey. The culprit returned the next night and absconded with Joe’s friend, Lia.

Out went the alert on social media as staff and parents called for anyone who might have information on the thefts to come forward. A KABC news crew arrived to investigate the scene of the crimes and to spread the word even further.

Fortunately, good news was not long in coming. Lia was found roaming the streets the following day, and when morning arrived on Nov. 2, Joey was discovered in the coop without evidence of a single ruffled feather.

“The students were beyond happy,” one parent said.

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