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Rally and march send a message against bullying

Posted on 12/19/16

West Hills Neighborhood Council

West Hills showed its heart on Saturday, Dec. 17, at a rally and march for kindness and against bullying. 

The event was organized by a Cool 2 Be Kind, an organization of students at El Camino Real Charter High School, in response to the recent unprovoked attack on 14-year-old ECR student Jordan Peisner at the Platt Village shopping center. 

From a truck-mounted stage in the McDonald's parking lot, Jordan's father, Ed Peisner, spoke movingly about the support his family received since the incident. 

City Councilmember Mitchell Englander was close to tears when he spoke of his experiences growing up in this area, attending Haynes Elementary and ECR, and being bullied as he walked along the Platt Village shopping center. Englander said he was singled out because he was blind for a couple of years due to an illness.

Community activist Joanne Littman was the mistress of ceremonies.

Immediately following the rally, about 300 people crossed Platt at Victory, walked up the east side of Platt to Haynes Street and then marched back to the McDonald’s on the west side of Platt. 

Speaking to reporters from the Los Angeles Daily News and Channel 7, West Hills Neighborhood Council President Dan Brin said: "Having experienced relentless bullying myself as a child, I found this whole experience deeply moving."

West Hills Neighborhood Council members Aida Abkarians and Brad Vanderhoof, as well as Canoga Park Neighborhood Council President Corinne Ho, attended to show support for Jordan Peisner, his family and everyone who cares about kindness and decency.

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