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Posted on 12/31/16

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The City of Los Angeles has made a historic commitment to invest $1.4 billion over 30 years to fix sidewalks around the city and make them accessible to everyone.

Safe Sidewalks LA offers residents THREE ways to request sidewalk repairs:

Access Request Program: The Access Request Program makes repairs requested by/for people with a mobility disability who encounter physical barriers such as broken sidewalks, missing/broken curb ramps or other barriers in the public right of way. Repair requests made through the Access Request Program will be prioritized in residential neighborhoods and those areas necessary to provide access to bus stops or other forms of public transit. Access Request Program improvements may include reconstruction or repair of sidewalks, crosswalk surfaces, and curb ramps. It may also include widening of pedestrian pathways, installation of missing utility covers, removal of protruding or overhanging objects, and remediation of other conditions that do not comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations.

Visit the Access Request Program page to submit a repair request, or call 311.

Rebate Program: The Rebate Program is a limited-time offer for residents who are willing to pay for their own sidewalk repairs, then request a rebate for some or all of that cost. The purpose of the Rebate Program is to financially assist property owners who wish to voluntarily expedite the repair of their sidewalks to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.

Owners of properties located within the City of Los Angeles are eligible to apply. Property ownership and taxpayer identification information will be verified. Upon eligibility determination, a City representative will assess the sidewalk and determine the rebate amount.

The rebate amount will be based on the work required to make the sidewalk ADA compliant. The maximum rebate amount is limited to $2,000 per Lot for residential properties, and $4,000 per Lot for commercial and industrial properties.

For more detailed information on the program, and to begin an application for the Rebate Program, please visit the Rebate Program page, or call 311.

Report a Sidewalk Problem: For any other repairs needed, residents may report sidewalk issues by visiting MyLA311, or call 311.

For additional info, please refer to the attahced sharable flyers below or visit Safe Sidewalks LA. To see a list of active sidewalk request, CLICK HERE

Download SAFE-Sidewalk-Flyer.pdf

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