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Canoga Park-Winnetka-Woodland Hills-West Hills Community Plan Update Event

Posted on 05/05/17

West Hills Neighborhood Council

The City of Los Angeles’ Department of City Planning is initiating the process of updating each of its 35 Community Plans over the next six years. The plans represent the land use element of the General Plan, a long-range planning document that captures the City’s vision for the future of our neighborhoods. Its vision is captured through community input on policies and programs that guide the development and growth of these neighborhoods for years to come.

What is a Community Plan?

The City of Los Angeles’ General Plan Land Use Element comprises 35 Community Plans. Each Community Plan contains policies reflecting a future vision for neighborhoods and designates land for the range of uses needed, including jobs, housing, transportation, open space, and amenities. The Plans tell stakeholders what type of development will be permitted, at what densities and intensities, and outlines strategies for how to accommodate planned growth. The policies in the Plans are used to guide decision making when projects are proposed. For these reasons, Community Plans are an important tool in the development of the City, and it is essential that they are up date.

What is the purpose of the plan update?

The update of the Southwest Valley Community Plans (Canoga Park– Winnetka–Woodland Hills–West Hills, Reseda–West Van Nuys, and Encino–Tarzana) takes cues from the City’s General Plan and the changing needs of the community. The City’s General Plan Framework Element is a long–term growth strategy for Los Angeles. It lays out goals, objectives and policies for the range of land uses throughout the City, including the Southwest Valley, and is used to guide the development of community plans according to projected population growth over a 20–year period of time.

Updating these three Community Plans will build on the Southwest Valley diverse character and history and will apply new zoning tools developed as part of the City re:code LA project. An updated plan will address incompatible land uses and modernize zoning to help maintain the integrity of single family neighborhoods, while allowing some areas to have a diversity of uses that were possible under the old code. Although the Planning Department may not be able to dictate what types of projects can be built, the department can make sure that the uses and zoning are up date.

When were the plans last updated?

The current Encino–Tarzana Community Plan was adopted in 1998. The Canoga Park–Winnetka– Woodland Hills–West Hills and Reseda–West Van Nuys Community Plans were adopted in 1999. Those prior updates started several years before the plans were adopted, placing the start of the update over 20 years ago.

How is the public part of the process?

The public is asked by the Department to identify issues and opportunities in the current plan areas that land use and zoning might be able to address. The Department will engage the public for input through a variety of means: community meetings, public events, and online feedback. After hearing from community members, the Department will present a draft plan that addresses the issues and opportunities presented within a planning context.

Special Note: The northern portion of West Hills, north of Roscoe, is not included in this Community Plan update since that portion of West Hills is in the Chatsworth-Porter Ranch Community Plan; however, residents are still strongly encouraged to participate in this process.

When will the Community Plan Workshop meetings be held?

The scheduled community plan workshop meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 18 2017, from 6:00-8:00 PM at de Toledo High School (22622 Vanowen St.).
If you cannot attend the workshop for West Hills, please feel free to come to another workshop location.

To RSVP for the July 18th workshop, CLICK HERE

For more information about the Community Plan update project, CLICK HERE

To see related informational documents of the plan update, click on the documents below:

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