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Platt Avenue Bus Parking Update

Posted on 08/13/17

West Hills Neighborhood Council

Many people in our community have been concerned about Metro bus operators parking their vehicles too close to one of the driveways at Platt Village. This has made it difficult and even dangerous for drivers trying to enter or leave the shopping center.

After several months of resolutions, letters and other attempts to get Metro's attention, it looks like the efforts of your West Hills Neighborhood Council Streets & Transportation Committee are finally paying off.

Streets & Transportation Co-Chair Tony Brosamle and WHNC President Dan Brin recently met in the Council District 12 office with two Metro representatives and Eric Moody, Mitchell Englander's deputy for transportation and planning.During this meeting which also included two Metro officials, Community Relations Manager Karen Swift and Transportation Planner Israel Marin, we pointed out that the bus operators on layoff and meal breaks have been violating Metro policy by parking forward of their designated space.

We are asking West Hills stakeholders to be on the lookout for any buses that are parked north of the pole sign that is pictured below. Please do the following when reporting these buses:

1. Take a picture of the back of the bus where its number (on the left) is visible.

2. Do NOT engage the driver, but report his or her bus number (not the bus route number) and the time of the violation to Israel Marin at [email protected] or call 213-922-6903. (The bus pictured is NOT in violation, though another bus that just pulled away was.)

Meanwhile, Eric Moody is having an empty tree well plugged so that more than one bus can park north of the driveway while still (we hope) allowing sufficient visibility for drivers exiting the second driveway. Your help and cooperation in improving the safety of our community is greatly appreciated. Just another example of your West Hills NC hard at work.

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