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Reflections on the 2018 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count in West Hills

Posted on 01/31/18

West Hills Neighborhood Council

 Some thoughts on the night from our wonderful volunteers --

For the homeless count the other night I was part of the team covering the
area bordered by Fallbrook to Shoup, Oxnard to the LA River north of Vanowen.
Found a number of homeless who seemed to find safe places to set up a tent or
makeshift shelter away from homes.  Most were in Shadow Ranch Park either up
against the house or within the bushes.
What impressed me is they didn't seem to have the trash around that we've seen
in homeless encampments in surrounding areas.  These people seemed to be a bit
more loners and neater about their encampment.
One known alley that had been cleared out by the HOPE team some time back was
still clear of homeless when we checked it out.
My overall opinion is that the homeless who live in West Hills are a bit
neater then others.  It could be that the community is vocal on those who
cause issues, our SLO is responsive to these issues, and maybe the word is out
among themselves that if you wish to be in our community, be a bit more
stealth, neater, and not cause an issue that will create a scene.
For the most part, even the motorhomes seem to be a bit better then they used
to be and we seem to have cleaner motorhomes than I see on the streets in
Canoga Park.  The homeless I have met in the community seem to be friendlier
and not as confrontational as I've encountered in other parts of the valley.
Barry Seybert  
Let me think!!!
Best part of the night was to team up the
Volunteers that had no team! 
Some came back in love and will do this next year as a couple????????????
And some probably not????????????
Thank you Brad
Just a joke and u don't have to put it!!!
Aida Abkarians
We did it again.  Second year in a row with a strong turnout to get the job done.  Tom and June did a truly phenomenal job on organizing all the moving parts.  And the Homelessness Committee...such support is truly uplifting.  People care about people and our community.
Simone Best
No matter what the opinions were, we all came together to assess the scope of homelessness in West Hills. Hopefully, our investment in personal time will work toward ending homelessness in West Hills and in all of Los Angeles. Thanks to all who helped out!
Thomas Booth
For the second year in a row, the West Hills Neighborhood Council and the community came together out of concern, compassion, and caring for all who live in our Neighborhood! Thank you to the Homelessness Committee and to all who turned out to help get needed services to those most in need in our community!
Olivia Naturman
West Hills lived up to its reputation yet again by coming together to address the needs of our community.
The 2018 West Hills Homelessness Count was a marvelous example of the efficiency, hard work and dedication we have come to expect from the members of our West Hills Neighborhood Council’s Homelessness Committee. 
Thanks to their efforts, we were able to organize, feed, train and dispatch scores of volunteers from West Hills, Canoga Park, Porter Ranch, Chatsworth and Woodland Hills.
Together, we showed we are a community of public spirit and compassion!
Dan Brin

Participating in the 2018 Greater Los Angeles Homelessness Count was a truly eye-opening experience. Stereotypes went right out the window as my team gained a new appreciation for the depths of transient living in our area.  From the middle aged man in a sleeping bag reading a newspaper under a sidewalk streetlight behind the car wash on Victory… to the young couple setting up a large tent and campsite on the horse riding path off of Oxnard… to the four separate tent or sleeping bag sites set up throughout Shadow Ranch Park on Vanowen… to the van full of youth in their late teens and early twenties that stocked up on snacks from the 76 Gas Station on Fallbrook before settling in for the night on a dark and quiet residential street off of Sherman Way… we witnessed not mental illness and addiction… but the circumstances of life that would lead Angelinos to spend a cold January night out on the streets of West Hills / Woodland Hills.   
Anthony Brosamle

View the photos: CLICK HERE


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