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Posted on 07/18/18

West Hills Neighborhood Council

This sign on Kittridge Street opposite Knapp Ranch Park is one of my favorites. I love the 1930s-style lettering that is burned or etched into the wood. It’s like something from a summer camp or a Depression-era Civilian Conservation Corps park project.
Having said this, I should clarify the local nomenclature for those who don’t already know the difference between “Westhills” and “West Hills.”
“Westhills” (one word) refers to a community in unincorporated Los Angeles County ...territory at the county’s western edge against Ventura County. It is not part of the city of Los Angeles, but next to it. The Westhills baseball complex is not part of this area, as it is on land owned by the city’s Department of Recreation and Parks. However, Westhills Baseball derives its name from the nearby Westhills community, which dates back to the 1960s.
“West Hills” (two words) refers to a City of Los Angeles neighborhood with 40,000-plus residents. West Hills came into existence in 1987 when residents in the area split off from Canoga Park. This community has its own popularly elected Neighborhood Council, part of city government, established early in 2002.

Dan Brin

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