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Posted on 07/19/18

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For several years now, the West Hills Neighborhood Council..Cultural, Community and Senior Committee has been working on getting a much needed center for the community built and opened. Finding an appropriate location on which to build has been a difficult and time consuming effort, although we already have a beautiful architect design for the facility, and have been actively exploring possible sources of building funds available for such a project.
The Committee has now decided to plan and carry out at least some Senior Activities, even in advance of having a building, and has found best practices indicating that this will be of great help to get the Center built. There are known to be about 40,000 Seniors who reside in West Hills and there are a number of possible activities that we can plan, using alternate locations until our Center gets built.
Our Committee would like to get a group of Seniors together to plan some activities or programs, right from the get go, and I would like to have anyone who is interested in doing this PM me with your phone number. All possibilities are absolutely open for discussion , including that of deciding on a definition of the appropriate Senior age group, and what kind of programs or activities might the best to plan and undertake.
In fact, our monthly meeting of the Cultural, Community and Senior Center will he held this coming Tuesday, July17, 2018, at 7:30 PM.at Chaminade, and everyone is welcome to attend. Please PM me and I will call you with directions..
While this planned Center will also be for Cultural and Community programs, we would like to at least get the Senior part of it started with some planned activities. .....in other words, a "Center" in spirit, in advance of it occupying a building.

Margery Brown

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