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Want Speed Bumps on you Street?

Posted on 09/20/19

West Hills Neighborhood Council

This is from City Councilmember Mitchell Englander's email newsletter:

Our Transportation Deputy, Eric Moody, would like to inform you of an opportunity through the Los Angeles Department of Transportation to get car-slowing, speed humps installed in our community.

Throughout the year, Council District 12 receives many calls from constituents requesting speed humps in various areas throughout the District. Whenever speeding cars are an issue, the first thought is always speed humps. But they don't always resolve perceived problems and they aren't appropriate in every situation. However, all these inquiries can also be directed to the LADOT website. As LADOT has primary responsibility for accepting requests, processing applications/petitions, and approving locations for speed humps, they are the best location to direct requests.

Speed humps are designed to reduce vehicle speeds on residential local or collector streets that have a single lane of travel in each direction. While generally effective in reducing speeds and volume, they also have some disadvantages such as increasing vehicle noise when vehicles drive over the humps and reduced response times from emergency vehicles which also have to slow down to safely traverse the speed humps. Something else to remember is speed hump placement, as a speed hump or speed hump related signs may be installed directly in front of someone's home creating issues that might not have been anticipated.

Twice annually, LADOT opens their speed hump request page to accept applications for speed humps. Round 2 for 2018 opens September 12, 2018 at 8:00a.m. Each round, they receive many more applications than there are slots available. LADOT has limited budget resources that must be equally spread throughout the City, which means that not every application is approved. LADOT conducts a preliminary review process of "qualifying" streets based on location, speed limit, street conditions, etc., and those that pass initial checks move on to actual ballots/petitions to the requesting party.

The requesting party agrees to circulate petitions and obtain signatures of a majority of the neighbors along a particular street segment, within a specific time period. LADOT wants to have applications/petitions approved and under construction by December.

Those that can make that cut, are forwarded on for additional reviews. Not all applications are successful and, for equitable purposes, the Council Office is not involved in the selection process, so please keep that in mind. LADOT will advise each applicant of the status of their application throughout the process.

For much more specific information and to apply for speed humps on your street, please follow this link. 

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