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Coyote Warning

Posted on 11/16/18

West Hills Neighborhood Council

Packs of Coyotes are roaming in West Hills as they have lost their homes in the canyons from the fire .  They are looking for food and water .   Folks have found them roaming the streets or sleeping on lawns overnight .  Please be vigilant at all times with your pets .

​update November 17, 2018
There is a coyote that is around Winnetka Lassen/Mayall St Know to dig under the fence or the use of trees to get over the fence. So even if you have the fence make sure the coyote can't make the use of leverage from your neighbor's side, and if it is dirt, you would need to bury the fence about 15" or so, unless it is concrete. Coyotes can jump over a 7-foot fence.  They are pretty smart !
​Coyotes can also learn to climb chain link fences; according to the Rangers at Great Basin National Park.

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