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Halloween Houses 2020

Posted on 09/23/20

West Hills Neighborhood Council

SCARY:  FIRST PLACE            6707  Lederer             COMICAL:  FIRST PLACE       8431 Pinelake Drive
               SECOND PLACE       23500 Justice                                  SECOND PLACE  8363 Maynard
               THIRD PLACE           6900 Melba                                     THIRD PLACE TIE  7518 Wiscasset  
                                                                                                                                            22709 Burton        
6707 Lederer Ave*
7518 Wiscasset Drive*
23015 Runnymeade
22703 Burton St
24218 Hillhurst Drive
7004 Hebrides Circle
8400 Ponce Ave
6965 Royer
23711 Justice
6961 Darnoch Way
22709 Burton Street*
23843 Highlander Rd.
8335 Shoup
6900 Melba*
23915 Kittridge
8381 Maynard
8431 Pinelake Drive*
8117 Maynard Ave
23500 Justice*
6711 Dannyboyar
8345 Ponce
24281 Highlander
8363 Maynard Ave*
24124 Highlander Rd.
7454 Woodlake Ave
23934 Hartland
24211 Highlander Rd.

Are you someone who loves to be scared, have fun, be creative and innovative during the Halloween season? If so, you will be head over heels to find out that the West Hills Neighborhood Council (WHNC) is announcing the 2nd ANNUAL  WEST HILLS HALLOWEEN HOUSES ON DISPLAY. This event is co-sponsored by Councilmember John Lee and CD12. This is a community competition to find the best outside decorated-for-Halloween houses in West Hills.  Judges from the entertainment industry will visit the houses that have entered the competition on the evenings of October 23 – 25, 2020. The judged categories are: 1. The Scariest House and 2. The Most Comical House. The winners of the best of each of the two categories will be notified and announced online on October 27, 2020, and will be proudly recognized by Councilmember John Lee at the November 5th  Virtual  Board Meeting of the WHNC. And best of all, for each of the categories, there will be one winner, one runner-up and one honorable mention. All houses in the competition will receive a beautiful certificate of participation.
CD12 and the WHNC know that “these are the times that try men’s souls.” But the West Hills Halloween Houses on Display event will bring out the child in all of us and add to the awareness that West Hills is a very special and creative place to live.

Download HalloweenHouseApplication 2020-FINAL NEW EMAIL-1.pdf

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