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Program on HOLD!!! Streets & Transportation Committee, Vision Zero Traffic Control Cabinet Painting

Posted on 11/25/21

West Hills Neighborhood Council

Every year, more than 200 people are killed while trying to move throughout our city. Nearly half the people killed on our streets are those who were walking or bicycling, and an alarming number of them are children and older adults. In fact, traffic collisions are a leading cause of death for children in Los Angeles.
Vision Zero Los Angeles is our city’s commitment to eliminate all traffic deaths by 2025. As directed by Mayor Garcetti, this citywide effort brings together transportation engineers, police officers, advocates, and policymakers to work together towards creating safer streets. Our focus will be protecting our most vulnerable road users, including children, older adults, and people walking and bicycling (Vision Zero Los Angeles).

As such, the West Hills Neighborhood Council's Vision Zero Utility Box Project strives to further the goals of Vision Zero by bringing education and awareness to community members through the painting our utility boxes (also known as signal boxes) within West Hills. The artwork will creatively highlight the goals of Vision Zero and/or safety practices so that we can reduce traffic related fatalities, we can make our neighborhood a safer place to live, work and play, and we can beautify our community.

The West Hills Neighborhood Council (WHNC) is therefore seeking applications of West Hills artists to partner with our Council for this exciting opportunity. All submissions will be considered and voted on at the WHNC's Streets & Transportation Committee meeting.  The committee approved artist(s) will then present their work to the WHNC Board Meeting for consideration of final approval.

Application is not available at the moment.

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