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Bonnie Klea

I have lived in my West Hills house since 1971. In 1995 I was diagnosed with bladder
cancer and became interested in the environmental issues in our community. First I
checked the issues at Hughes/Ratheon and found out there were lots of problems with
that property. I called the EPA and asked for an environmental manager for the property
and have been following the cleanup since then. In 2004 Dayton Canyon announced
the housing project there and I asked the Neighborhood Council for help in getting
testing. Huge amounts of perchlorate were found, directly under the perchlorate
development building at Santa Susana. I also became involved in the cleanup of Santa
Susana since I was a former worker there. In 2000 the federal government took all
responsibility for cancer and other health issues for workers and I became active with
the Department of Labor helping the sick workers.
In 2010 I was asked to join the neighborhood council and have been a member since. I
am a member of the environmental, budget, bylaws and zoning committees. My goals
consist of ensuring the safety of future and currents residents from existing contamination.
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