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Tony Brosamle

Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, I’ve lived in West Hills with my wife and now-grown children for the past 15 years.  My time as a West Hills Stakeholder dates back more than 20 years when I taught US Government and History at Chaminade High School.  Prior to joining the West Hills Neighborhood Council in mid-2015, I’d been active in our local parish, my children’s schools and local youth sports and community events ranging to Cub Scouts to Knapp Ranch Baseball.  Although I subsequently earned my law degree and have worked downtown with a large national litigation firm, I’ve remained active in local issues with a focus on public safety (working with neighborhood watch and the LAPD’s Community Police Advisory board) and graffiti abatement (with 10+ years of interaction with the West Valley Alliance (818-832-9999).  My perspective and purpose is simple – to keep West Hills the safe, clean and prosperous community it’s been for my family, neighbors, and friends for the past two decades.

I began attending board meetings as a stakeholder and volunteering with West Hills Neighborhood Council committees in early 2015.  By June, I was selected to fill a vacant Board seat and have been working hard with several of our key committees to promote a cleaner, safer, more connected and better represented West Hills.  When I joined the Communications Committee, the West Hills Neighborhood Council had an antiquated website that few could access and use and even fewer could impact or update.  We also had little or no formal social media presence.  Nine months later, we have a dynamic interactive website, and a vibrant social media presence on Facebook, Twitter (@WestHillsNC), NextDoor and more – all in an effort to better inform and interact with the community to identify and meet the needs of West Hills residents.    

As co-chair of the WHNC Beautification Committee, I work with a fantastic group of board members and non-board community volunteers to organize and run monthly cleanup events throughout West Hills.  As a member of the Zoning & Planning Committee, I’ve worked with West Hills homeowners to combat unlicensed and/or illegal contractor businesses operating out of a single family home with front yard storage sheds and company vehicles and supplies all over the property.  I similarly worked with a group of neighbors concerned about weekly wedding receptions, film shoots and parties on their quiet residential street after a single family residence was illegally transformed into a private event facility available to the public via online event booking websites.  Whether working toward the building of a Senior/Community Center or assisting with ongoing Emergency Preparedness and Public Safety programs, I’ve not been afraid to roll up my sleeves and do the heavy lifting – often literally – to help the West Hills Neighborhood Council meet its goals and those of the Community.   

My personal goals for West Hills are to continue to promote a quality of life second to none in the City of Los Angeles.  That involves regular interaction with not only our elected officials, but City Departments, private business and our residents to ensure that West Hills has a voice downtown and its Stakeholders receive equal or better service from the City despite our physical distance from the City Hall.   Let me know your thoughts, your concerns, your ideas for a better West Hills.  I can be reached at [email protected] or 213-595-3482.
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