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Robert Brostoff

I have been a WHNC board member since 2010, and have lived in West Hills since 1995. I am married and have 4 daughters, all “out of the nest”. I am a retired educator, having been a teacher and administrator with the Los Angeles Unified School District for 34 years. I have been retired since June, 2009.

I have been an officer of the WHNC for over 6 years, serving as Controller. I also am the co-chair of the Budget Committee, and co-chair of the Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness committee. I serve as secretary of the Zoning and Planning committee, and I am the chair of the ad hoc Bylaws committee. In addition, I am a member of the Communications Committee.

My primary concerns are maintaining a safe and friendly atmosphere in West Hills, as well as supporting the schools, parks, LAPD, and LAFD. I oppose the construction of apartments and/or condos in West Hills. Our community consists, primarily of single family homes, with very few existing apartments, and even fewer condos. This leads to a very quiet and peaceful environment in West Hills, which is why I live here! I enjoy seeing residents using our many public parks, and strolling the streets, with, or without dogs. In fact, I participate in walking our two dogs, daily!

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