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Myrl Schreibman

As a West Hills Resident of over two decades, Myrl Schreibman brings to the Executive Board 
a unique set of experiences and expertise.  A member of both the Producers Guild of America
and the Directors Guild of America, Schreibman’s professional entertainment career has been
described as an adventure in the making, having produced and directed feature films, television
and the Broadway stage, as well as the author of well-respected books for the entertainment
One of the first truly independent filmmakers, Schreibman produced under his banner the highly
successful and Saturn award winning “The Clonus Horror,” which, in 2005, was remade as “The
Island” by Warner Brothers and DreamWorks SKG.    He was the first producer to experiment
with HD video in his Saturn award winning “The Girl, the Gold Watch and Everything” for
Paramount Television.  Schreibman’s independent film “Hunters Blood,” starring Sam Bottoms
and Kim Delaney and casting Billy Bob Thornton in his first film role, became the subject of
“Men, Woman and Chainsaws,” a cinema media studies textbook on horror film genres.  
Selected by the Department of Defense, Schreibman produced and directed a top secret film on
hostage survival which the government rushed into production so it could be used to train
military soldiers in the Persian Gulf War.  In 1990, as the legendary Gil Cates, founding Dean of
UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television, began to plan and build the renowned school,
he called upon Schreibman to be a part of the process. Bringing his producing and directing
skills, Schreibman became a member of UCLA’s faculty where he taught, designed curriculum
and courses in producing and directing, while administrating the Film and Television
Department and being its manager of their financial resources.  During the two decades with
the University he rose to the rank of (Adjunct) Professor and trained and nurtured the likes of
such industry directors as Justin Lin, Larry Trilling, Joe Russo, and generations of executives,
producers and directors while continuing to exercise his craft along several paths. Having been an actor
at the age of 9, he has received awards for his theater work and has worked with the likes of Gladys
Knight, and Elvis Presley. Having been under contract to several studios some of Schreibman’s credits
include features, television projects and the distinguished entertainment specials “Chicago in Concert,”
“Tony Bennett With Love,” and “The 14th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards”. Schreibman holds a
Bachelor’s Degree in Theater, and a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Film and Television from UCLA. His
first job after graduation was as one of the producers on the ABC series “IT Takes A Thief”.   He is a
retired Professor Emeritus from UCLA: the author of “The Indie Producers Handbook,” the industry
canon on producing, and  “The Film Director Prepares,” a book on directing used in many colleges and
universities. He son Eyan who graduated from El Camino High School and his beautiful daughter-in-law
Sarah, have presented him this year with his first grand child Ariella, who is the apple of her
grandpa’s  eye. 


I was encouraged to go for the board vacancy by neighbors in our cul de sac as we are a close knit group
of families who hold annual  block parties, celebrate each others' memorable events, give a hand when
needed to one another, and have our own little community watch program, I am hopeful that  the spirit
we have for West Hills can find its way into the entire community. It is an honor to be elected to serve 
West Hills as it is a beautiful place to live and I have come to learn that the board members are
passionate in resolving issues that affect us all with the City of Los Angeles.  On a personal note, I look
forward on diligently working  with others in creating and developing a West Hills Cultural Arts Center
that will also be the permanent home for the WHNC and serve not only the seniors of our community
but also others cross generations as a place of enlightenment, education, and friendliness in music, film,
theater, dance, and art.  A place that is desperately needed in the west part of the San Fernando
Valley.  And what better place than West Hills.I have also taken the role of serving as the WHNC Film Liaison to the City to promote the growth of and also address concerns about filming in our communty.
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