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Ann Mizrahi

I am a West Hills resident, senior student at de Toledo High School, and member of the WHNC Youth and Education Committee. I truly believe that it is important to be involved and a leader. I am eager to help others in our community, and to make a difference. I have always been involved in school's leadership, initiating leadership roles and tasks that can serve others, and thinking outside the box in an innovative way to come up with solutions to problems. I have been also volunteering at different organizations while supporting communities in need (e.g., inner cities children, supporting hospitalized patients, etc.). I care about our city and would love to extend my involvement in order to have more opportunities where I can help others and make a change.
I have many goals. One of my goals is to come up with ideas that will help us maintain and create a better, healthier environment in our city. I would also love to represent the voice of adolescents in our community, young adults, and children, along with their families. For example, I want to help fight bullying, bystanding phenomena, and to social media's negative effect such as cyberbullying. I would plan to promote better healthy habits among young adults and their families, raising awareness to healthy nutrition choices and physical activities. And overall, to support the board with any decisionmaking, problem solving, planning, analyzing situations, and taking actions.
I am very motivated, dedicated, and working hard. When I set goals, I do not get discouraged due to obstacles. I think positive along the way with enthusiasm to work hard. I appreciate any challenge and am very task-oriented. I initiate and think of innovative ways to accomplish a task. I am very comfortable with public speaking, and love to collaborate with others. I am able to see others' needs and to provide them with the necessary support and guidance. I enjoy working in a group, learning from others, and listening to more ideas. Finally, I am very active in my school and can help spread awareness in the community.
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