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Bryan Newman

As a resident of West hills for 33 years, I am proud to commit time and energy as a board member of the WHNC.  I grew up in this neighborhood and always felt safe as child on these streets.  My wife of over 20 years and I have raised our two boys here and believe that this neighborhood is special.  We are homeowners that live on the fence line to the LADWP Nature Preserve having built our home on love & laughter.
Professionally I am CEO for a mid-sized business that specializes in higher education administration.  I rely on over 25 years of experience in the field of higher education in addition to my academic background that includes an undergraduate degree in business and a graduate degree in higher education administration to bring value to our stakeholders.
My goal as a member of the WHNC board is to reflect constituent’s view that expect the board to hold-the-line in West Hills so that future generations can continue to enjoy the “sleepy-end” of the Valley.  I plan to invest my time on issues pertaining to the growing homeless population, our streets & sidewalks, and city planning issues that could change the way West Hills stakeholders live and use this beautiful community.
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