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2020 Homeless Count

On January 21, 2020 the West Hills Neighborhood Council hosted the Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count for the West Hills Area. Thanks to all who volunteered and a special thank you to Shepard of the Valley Lutheran Church for providing a location for the deployment site. photo credits Thomas Booth, Aida Abkarians, Dan Brin. ----- Reflections from participants: Daniel Brin - "Thank you, Tom Booth, Olivia Naturman, Aida Abkarians, Marie Javdani, June Reiko Booth, Brad Vanderhoof and all of the many other volunteers who made this a night to remember. I have to admit... This was SO MUCH FUN! We cruised through the streets, alleys and parking lots of western and southern West Hills. We explored the depths of Knapp Ranch Park, the Bell Creek trail and El Escorpion Park as far as Gypsy Camp. We peered under bridges and into culverts. On this dark moonless night the stars shone as I hadn't seem them since the earthquake of '94. I always want to go to bed exhausted and tonight I got my wish." ----- Aida Abkarians - "Thanks to everyone who volunteered their time to be a part of the solution. To help, to fix and to open dialogue on what to do to make things better. Your compassion is truly appreciated." ----- Faye Barta - "Many thanks to all of those who attended the Homeless Count last night, sponsored by the West Hills Neighborhood Council. We are noticing that year after year we see familiar faces from previous yearly counts, but encouragingly, we also are seeing new faces to help with the count. The count is very important to all of us as citizens of the City of Los Angeles as well as of West Hills. Hopefully with yearly counts, we can figure out some promising ways to cure this ever-deepening problem." ----- Thomas Booth - “We come together once a year as a community to count our unhoused neighbors with the goal of bringing all inside. We share our humanity when we share our time in this way. See you all next year?” ----- Dana H. - "This was my 4th year doing the count, it has always been a worthwhile experience. Meeting the other folks is always great and it gives you renewed hope that members of the public can unite to create solutions to serious issues. The event has always been well run and the staff is always great. I know I will continue to volunteer every year and I encourage others to join me."

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