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WHNC 3/30/16 Platt Branch Library Celebration

The West Hills Neighborhood Council board hosted our counterparts at the Woodland Hills-Warner Center Neighborhood Council in a get-together on 3/30/16 at the Platt Branch Library. It gave us the opportunity to present a Certificate of Gratitude to the Woodland Hills NC for agreeing unanimously about a year ago to let us share jurisdiction over the library. Accepting the award were WHWCNC President Scott Silverstein and Vice President Dennis T. DiBiase. To the left of WHNC President Dan Brin in the picture are WHNC Vice President Charlene Rothstein and our good friend Corinne Ho, president of the Canoga Park Neighborhood Council. Why was it important for West Hills to share jurisdiction over this library? For one thing, state law requires that we hold all of our public meetings within West Hills' boundaries. Now we have a new location for our many committees to meet -- and that is valuable. The other reason is simply that every community should have a public library to call its own. Now we will be more motivated to help this library and its programs. It is so much fun to work with our colleagues in nearby communities. We all want to accelerate the efforts by all three Neighborhood Councils to develop projects to benefit the entire western San Fernando Valley. (Photo & Text Credit: Dan Brin)

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