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CD12 Conversations with Councils Tours the Valley Relics Museum

On Wednesday, 3/23/16, over 30 representatives from the ten neighborhood councils from Council District 12, including your West Hills NC, took part in what has become a much-anticipated tradition in the North West San Fernando Valley the Council District 12 and the Conversations with Councils. Designed to provide the CD12 neighborhood council membership the opportunity to expand their repertoire of information regarding relevant social and political issues and provide access to the respective City agencies and departments designated to address these challenges, this regular meeting has become a cornerstone in providing understanding of complex topics for our neighborhood council membership. Hosted by the Valley Relics Museum, which holds a vast collection of historical artifacts pertaining to the San Fernando Valley, the NC members were treated to an engaging dialogue that touched upon keystone issues in the city involving the Department of Street Services. Thank you to Councilmember Mitch Englander, the City of Los Angeles Department of Street Services, Director Nazario Sauceda, Timothy Tyson, Urban Forestry Division, Mark Simon, Street Maintenance Division, and Craig Shaw, Resurfacing and Reconstruction Division. A special thanks to Tommy Gelinas and his incredible staff for their time and commitment. It was undeniably a powerful event and one that will not soon be forgotten. (Text Credit: CD12 Photo Credits: Dan Brin & CD12)

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