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WHNC 4/23/16 MYN Facilitators Training

Residents from the West Hills and greater Valley community attended a training session, at the Platt Branch Library, designed to teach and engage perspective block captains on how to better prepare themselves, their families, their neighbors, and community. By taking this training, these residents will be able to host Map Your Neighborhood training sessions on their own blocks. In addition, West Hills block captains will be receiving supply bags filled with emergency preparedness equipment to help their block organize and mobilize in an event of an emergency. Corinne Ho from the Canoga Park Neighborhood Council also was able to speak about Human Trafficking Project and LAPD's Topanga Division C-PAB. Thank to WHNC Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness Committee Co-Chairs Bob Brostoff and Esperanza Butler in their efforts to prepare West Hills for the next emergency or disaster. Don't forget to visit https://www.facebook.com/West-Hills-Public-Safety-Emergency-Preparedness-1518534755107935/ for helpful emergency preparedness tips and news.

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