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WHNC 6/2/16 Board Meeting

We had an extraordinary four-hour-long meeting of the West Hills NC last night, including presentations on the Zika virus, homeless relief efforts, zoning issues pertaining to de Toledo High School and the former Parkhill School site, and many, many funding requests. But for many in attendance, the highlight surely was a surprise appearance by hometown hero Donald E. Thompson, member of the LAPD's bomb unit, who was presented with the Presidential Medal of Valor at the White House on May 17. Officer Thompson was honored for his brave rescue of a man from a burning car on the 405 Freeway on Christmas Day, 2013. At our meeting last night, he showed his medal to the folks and answered questions. He also noted that the West Hills Neighborhood Council became the first organization to recognize him when we presented him with our Certificate of Appreciation early in 2014. In the background is Don's friend, WHNC board member Sandi Bell. Another highlight last night was presentation of awards to West Hills teachers Henlie Sakamoto, Colleen Ruanr, Laurie Anderson, Rosa Arroyo, Karryn Grossman and Judy Sauté. Presenters were members of our Youth & Education Committee, chaired by Aida Abkarians and Ed Young, and Ron Rubine, district director for Council District 12. Hope to see you next time. (Text Credit: Daniel Brin, Photo Cedits: Daniel Brin & Esperanza Butler)

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