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2017 EmpowerLA Awards

On Thursday, March 30 2017, the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners celebrated the achievements of Neighborhood Councils at City Hall by presenting EmpowerLA Awards to those Neighborhood Councils that best achieve their mission to engage their local stakeholders with government and make their government more accountable and responsive to the needs of their communities. The EmpowerLA Awards were created to highlight the highest ideals of inclusiveness, non-discrimination, transparency, and independence for the Neighborhood Council system. The West Hills Neighborhood Council was nominated for our amazing strides to beautify and improve our through our monthly cleanups and other projects run by the Beautification Committee, and also our incredible communications program with the redesign of our website, our weekly community calendars that we send to thousands of residents, our excellent social media pages, and our monthly newsletter. Although we did not win an award, we are deeply honored to have been nominated and recognized for the hard work do in improving our community and hope to only continue to grow and thrive as we make West Hills an even better place to live. (Text Credit: EmpowerLA)

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