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CD12 Conversation with Councils 4/26/17

The West Hills NC again turns out in force with safety inquiries. The West Hills Neighborhood Council lived up to its reputation for activism at the April 26 2017 “Conversation with Councils” event hosted by City Councilmember Mitchell Englander at Ride On Therapeutic Horsemanship in Chatsworth. These semi-annual events enable Councilmember Englander to communicate with board members of Neighborhood Council throughout his 12th Council District in the northwestern San Fernando Valley. This time, the spotlight was on Ride On, a nonprofit organization that helps children with developmental issues through “horseback therapy.” Leaders of the Los Angeles Police Department, including Deputy Chief John A. Sherman, the new commanding officer of operations for the LAPD’s Valley Bureau, also were on hand. Representing the WHNC were board members Aida Abkarians, Simone Best, Tony Brosamle, Bonnie Klea, Steve Randall, Myrl Schreibman, Joan Trent and Ed Young. Steve, Simone and Myrl appeared to make an impact by asking hard questions about what can be done to address speeding and street racing in West Hills. Steve suggested placing unmanned police cars at areas where frequent violations occur. He also recommended additional programs about safe driving at high schools (a project spearheaded by WHNC board member Olivia Naturman) and commented about hold times often experienced when calling 911 operators. Simone asked about implementing the LAPD’s Volunteer Citizen Patrol program in West Hills and suggested that patrol cars drive through our parks at night in response to recent discoveries of discarded drug syringes. Myrl noted that he had been trying to get a representative from Traffic Division to attend a future meeting of the West Hills Neighborhood Council but was getting no response to his inquiries. This statement prompted Deputy Chief Sherman to promise immediate action. Yesterday morning, April 27 2017, Steve was informed by telephone that Traffic Patrol Officer James Hutchins will attend a future WHNC board meeting to answer questions. “West Hills Neighborhood Council ROCKS,” Steve says. We want to sincerely thank Councilmember Mitchell Englander, LAPD Topanga Police, and LAPD Valley Traffic Div for their continued support and willingness to work with Neighborhood Councils. (Text Credit: Daniel Brin) (Photo Credit: Office of Councilmember Mitchell Englander)

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