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Coyotes, Critters, and Cohabitation: A Presentation & Discussion Event

On Saturday, July 8 2017, more than 50 members of the West Hills and surrounding community came to the community room at the Platt Branch - Los Angeles Public Library, to discuss and learn about living with wildlife here in our community. Officer Dinh from LA Animal Services and Olivia Naturman, the West Hills Neighborhood Council Animal Services Liaison, spoke to a room packed of people, only standing room, sharing information about how we as a community can share and live with the environment and wildlife around us. We want to sincerely that LA Animal Services for coming out to our event and addressing the community, as well as our very own Olivia Naturman and Communications & Outreach Committee Co-Chair Simone Best for making this event a reality. In addition we want to thank the Platt Branch Library and the Los Angeles Public Library Department for allowing us to use the community room for our event. Lastly, we want to thank all those in attendance for coming to our event and caring about making our community a better place to live. (Photo Credits: Daniel Brin)

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