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Homelessness Interfaith Forum Sept 2017

In the evening, representatives of Christian, Muslim and Jewish groups gathered at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church in West Hills for a forum sponsored by the West Hills Neighborhood Council's Homelessness Committee, chaired by Tom Booth and Simone Best. A special guest was Kevin Taylor, representative of Mayor Eric Garcetti for the West Valley. A lot of the discussion centered on the bewildering number of agencies that address the many different aspects of homelessness -- women and families, veterans, mental health, emergency sheltering, drug addiction, etc. We learned that city, county, faith-based and nonprofit relief agencies are joining forced to simplify the choices for homeless individuals and their friends and families. One initiative, described by Tom Booth, is called "No Wrong Door," in which all services are accessible through a single address. We also learned how real progress is being achieved in addressing the extremely complicated issue of homelessness. I left encouraged that we have seen the worst of it. Working together, we CAN do this.

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