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Youth & Education Committee

Aida Abkarians
Committee Chair

Current members:
  • Aida Abkarians
  • Sandi Bell
  • Stephen Bell (Community Stakeholder)
  • Ann Mizrahi
  • Steve Randall
  • Eddie Ruano (Community Stakeholder)
  • Henlie Sakamoto (Community Stakeholder)
  • Joan Trent

Mission Statement:

"The mission of this Committee shall be to interface with and negotiate with public and private schools, the City of Los Angeles, businesses and developers on matters concerning the education, recreation and general general welfare of the youth who reside in or use the facilities located within the boundaries of West Hills."

To view the Committee Operating Rules CLICK HERE

News & Initiatives:

Former Highlander Road Elementary:

The West Hills Neighborhood Council is committed to keeping our community updated on the demolition of the former Highlander Road School. Visit our Highlander Road School Demolition Update Page, where you can find the latest information from the Los Angeles Unified School District ranging from the demolition itself to other potential activities on site.

Neighborhood Purpose Grant (NPG):

(NPGs) is a program that the City of Los Angeles established as a means to allow public schools and 501 C(3)’s (not-for-profit corporations) in a community apply directly to their Neighborhood Councils to fund projects of benefit to the community. To apply for an NPG a public school or non-religiously affiliated nonprofit entity needs first to have a specific program that requires funding, and needs to do a bit of paperwork. For more information and to find the relevant paperwork, CLICK HERE
The following WHNC Education Committee members are the dedicated liaisons for each West Hills school. These members are available to you in case you encounter difficulty or have any questions about filling out your NPG application.
Capistrano Ave. Elementary School -- Joan Trent
Enadia Way TEC (Technology Enriched Charter) -- Stephen and Sandi Bell
Justice Academy Charter -- Steve Randall
Hamlin Academy -- Stephen and Sandi Bell
Haynes Charter -- Ed Young
Nevada Elementary School -- Steve Randall
Pomelo Community Charter -- Aida Abkarians
Welby Way Charter School -- Aida Abkarians

Teacher Recognition Program:

Each year, the Youth & Education Committee salutes educators whose dedication and educational contributions extend above and beyond the call of duty. The honorees are selected by their faculty and staff peers in a process that followed an extensive survey of neighborhood schools by the Education Committee under the leadership of Co-Chairs Ed Young and Aida Abkarians. The Youth and Education Committee is always open to ideas and suggestions to make West Hills' schools better and help their students become outstanding citizens. If you have any outstanding faculty, or staff that you would like see recoginzed, please contact our committee Co-Chairs.


For All City Service Requests, please call 311 ( or Dial (213) 473-3231) or CLICK HERE

Meetings (Agendas, Minutes, Documents)

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Feb 27, 2019
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Jan 30, 2019
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